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Life of a Christmas Tree–Pick your own Christmas Tree Dallas

  • October 11, 2010

So where does that tree come from? Where Do I go to get one?

By Maria Bargellini of DFW Christmas Lights

So where do Christmas Trees come from? Well, out of the 30 million real trees that used by us every year 25% come from Oregon, 11% from North Carolina, 10% from Michigan and the remainder of the trees come form small farms across the country. The different types of Christmas Trees consists of Pines, Firs, and Spruces, however the most common by far are the Balsm, Frasier, and Douglas Firs. I name my tree Dougie every year–makes me feel better about it some how. I also talk to it and feed it some Superthrive (Organic Fertilizer). I know it sounds a little nutty but–because we are also Christmas Light installers– my tree has to go up as soon as they are available and it doesn’t come down until the second week in January. To date I have never loss many needles or had a tree not last the long season. (finding wood to knock as we speak).

The Christmas trees are raised on the tree farms for at least 8-10 years for reach maturity.  They are sheared once a year to maintain a nice shape and a strong central leader that is staked with bamboo to ensure it’s shape. Then they are cut, wrapped and shipped in refrigerated trucks to a tree lot near you. And for where you can get them, below is a list of guides and sites that will help you find a choose and harvest your own or a pre- harvested tree.

Helpful Links

Video form the History channel Describing the process.

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Pick your own

Christmas Fun

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Tree samples

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