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Christmas Tree Ideas: Spinning Ornaments

  • September 22, 2010

By Maria Bargellini, president of DFW Christmas Lights

Spinning Ornaments? Yup that’s right. Throw away that annoying chirping bird this Christmas and bring your tree to life by adding a few ornament spinners. There are several types available. The ‘Ornamotor’ sold by Roman ¬†seems to be the most widely available, but there are several different types on the market, such as ones with up and down motion, stronger motors for faster spins or heavier ornaments, and individual lights attached to them to really showcase that special ornament

So how does it work? That’s the fantastic part. Most spinners just work on a few batteries while others require you to remove the bulb from a standard incandescent mini light set and simply plug your ornament spinner–it’s as easy as that. For a standard 6 foot tree I would use at least 3 on the main viewing side and choose your most sentimental or beautiful ornaments. Too many spinners can take away from your display, but by all means–it’s your Christmas tree–do whatever makes you happy. Of course it is Christmas so if you have children, I am sure they would love to see their favorite ornaments spinning.

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Maria Bargellini is the President of Dallas Curb Appeal, which owns and operates DFW Christmas Lights and The Outdoor Lighting Expert

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