Christmas Ideas: Decorating your tree

  • November 12, 2010

By Maria Bargellini of DFW Christmas Lights

Looking for a beautiful, hassle-free lighting display this holiday season? Here’s a few tips to help you out.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

The most recognizable symbol of the holiday season is the family tree. Whether you call it a Christmas tree or a Holiday tree, decorating  it can be a challenge. Keeping that in mind, we suggests 3 simple tips to make your tree more beautiful―and your decorating easier―than it has ever been.

Tip #1: Keep replacements on hand

Some of us like to change it up every few years by simply switching things like the lighting. Such as clear bulbs on year 1, multi colored on year 2 and maybe all red in year 3. Whether you change them or not-when you find the perfect light sets for your tree, you want to make sure that you have replacements that match. Buy a set or two more than you need in case a string goes bad sometime over the holiday season. You can also wait until the Christmas season ends and get a few on sale as back ups or to change out colors in the future. Also make sure you keep all those little packages of replacement bulbs. Unfortunately you can not “borrowing” bulbs from another set as they may cause early burnouts and can be potentially dangerous. For more on replacing bulbs click here.

Tip #2: Test your lights first

Now I hate to admit this but I too have does this before (way way way in the beginning ). So you’ve decorated the entire tree and like any good Griswold you go to light it only to notice afterward that 1 or more light strings are dead. Now you have to go in search of the culprit. But no worries, this can very easily be avoided.  Simply roll out and plug in each set of lights in to make sure they work before hand. Test for burned out bulbs, partially dead strings, any flickering, fuses etc. You can use a tester to make it easier to find which bulbs are causing the problems. Save yourself the hassle and embarrassment of having to redecorate your tree again.  For more on how to maintain your lights click here.

Tip #3: Light your tree section by section

The decorating standard is to use a 100 light strand for every 1 foot of tree. Almost all pre lit 6′ trees will have 600 lights on them. Of course if you have a narrow tree or some form of Charlie Brown Tree you will need less lights. Don’t light the entire tree all at once. To make sure your tree is evenly lit, hang the lights section by section and make corrections as you go. You might also try following an “S” or “wave” pattern instead of simply “tornado wrapping” your tree.

Please search our archives for more articles on Holiday Lighting and samples of our work. DFW Christmas Lights and The Outdoor Lighting Expert are owned and operated by Dallas Curb Appeal Inc, a full service landscape contractor.

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