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DWF Christmas Lights on How to Light a Christmas Tree: Part 1- Where to start

  • October 10, 2011

How do you wrap a Christmas Tree with lights?

Well that depends on a few things;

How big the tree is: If it’s too big , say 12 feet, you might want to do a simple wrap. If it’s shorter you can try your hand at using a more professional type of wrapping like a branch wrap. In terms of the amount of lights 100 lights for every 1′ is the average amount used for a nicely lit tree. For less dense trees you can use 100 lights for every 1 1/2 feet and if you like lot of lights and you double the amount of lights, just be sure to use proper installation techniques.

How much time you have: Some techniques are faster than others and if it’s you first time you may have to re-do it until it looks right. After you install a string of Christmas Lights take a look and make sure you approve of how it looks. You can dim the lights to make them stand out more. Some people say to squint but i think that gives you wrinkles. Dim or turn off the lights and you should be fine. Make sure that the nicest part of the tree is facing the best viewing angle. Try to hide bulkier connections in the back. 

How much space you have:If your tree and power source are up against a wall you may opt to skip most of the back altogether if it’s not going to be visible why waste the lights. You can use those lights to load up the front. Some wraps might require additional space. If you don’t have the space to circle around the tree try a triangle wrap, which requires less space. If the tree isn’t to hard to transport you could also decorate your Christmas tree in another location and move it. 

What’s in the budget: Certain techniques will require more lights than others. Figure out how many lights you’ll need and how much they will cost before you decide on which Christmas lights to use. Keep in mind that you can always add more lights next year. Branch wrapping will require the most while a tornado wrap can be done with less lights.

Now that you have your tree, know how much time you have, have the space needed and a budget decided on. Lets figure out how you’re gonna wrap your Christmas tree. Please click on part two of this article to see the descriptions on the individual Christmas Tree lighting techniques. 


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