Holiday Tree Lights

Holiday Tree Lights

  • December 10, 2009

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Lighting your trees can be the most dramatic detail in your holiday display. Trees can be wrapped several different ways to accommodate your style and budget. Contact us for more information on your different options.

Tall Trees
Older trees with multiple large limbs make the most striking impact. Trees with thick lower limbs look better than trees with high limbs and long bare trunks. Lighting these types of trees will usually require 1-2 separate electrical circuits to support all the strands of lights. If power is an issue consider using LED light strands instead.

Mini lights are the most commonly used lights for this application. LED strands typically use 1/4-1/8 of the amount of electricity and are being used more frequently.

Typically our customers have preferred clear lights. But don’t let that sway you away from multi colored or solid colored lights. Strands come in a multitude of colors.

Medium EverGreens
Hollys and Magnolias make great displays. Taller young trees look great and are a good budget choice because you can wrap smaller trees high using less strands. Holly varieties (except for Possum Haw) all make great show pieces and accents. They offer great branching structure and foliage. These typically will look like Christmas trees due to the pyramid shape they are usually trimmed in.

Larger Magnolia Trees look better with C7 opaque bulbs. Multi color seems to be the favorite but they look great done in white/clear C7 and mini lights as well.

Small trees
Because of their multi branches Crepe Myrtles tend to look like blobs of lights when too many of them are lit. Other types of small trees look great when lit and are a great way to accent your display, and it’s the perfect opportunity to add some color.

Typical clear mini lights are used, but I love the way solid and multi colored trees look. LED multi strands have a more intense color that looks great. If your not ready for color try using different bulbs, such as white C9. This bulb is an opaque solid white color.

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