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Christmas Tree Ideas

  • September 8, 2010

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

By Maria Bargellini,

Christmas trees don’t need to be ball ornaments and your grandma’s tinsel. It can be anything you want to be. Below are some ideas to give you a new take on decorating this holiday season. Almost anything can be made to hang as an ornament. A little glue and a little twine can go a long way in helping you get that special tree for your holiday. Check in for more Christmas Tree decorating Ideas.

Christmas Tree ideas

Baby’s first Christmas Tree: We’re expecting our first in February and his/her first tree is going to be so much fun to build. You can use a variety of number 1’s, first Christmas ornaments are easy to find, stuffed toys, rattles, booties. Basically if it ain’t glued to the floor you can stick it on your tree.

Patriotic Christmas Tree: Use small flags, red white and blue ornaments (all sizes), and stars. If you have a loved one in the service you can add their pictures, numbers, yellow ribbons. Army men toys are fairly easy to find now and you can use them as ornaments as well.

Family Christmas Tree: Decorate your tree with pictures of your family members and other mementos  of your lives together. It can be anything. You can use toys to represent small children, Ed books for college kids, and ornaments that describe their professions, like a stethoscope for doctors.

Santa Claus Christmas Tree: Of course-why not? Santa is quite the celebrity. You can find figurines, ornaments, and toys of all sizes and shapes, just waiting to be purchased to find a home on your tree. Mix the Santa’s with red and white candy canes, ornaments and anything else you can think of.

Color themed Christmas Trees: There’s tons of colors out on the market now. You can get ornaments and lights in almost any color you can imagine. Pick a solid color theme like all red or a 2 color them, like black and white to make a striking tree.

Sports Christmas Tree: Does your family have a favorite team? Fantastic, a Cowboy Christmas it is. Adorn your tree with little helmets, footballs, goals, or whatever coincides with your favorite teams. And if you are not sure about the novelty of it you can just use the colors. I think white, blue and silver look great on a tree.

Off Season Christmas Tree: Hate cold weather and miss the beach–no worries! You can have a vacation of beach tree. You can use solid color ball and paint them to look like beach balls. You can use suns, starfish, beach hats, surf boards, or whatever reminds you of happy days under the warm sun.

Maria Bargellini is the President of Dallas Curb Appeal, which owns and operates DFW Christmas Lights and The outdoor Lighting Expert. If you would like assistance with your holiday lighting display please contact us at 214-257-8155.

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