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Payments: A 50% deposit is due upon accepting the estimate and scheduling the installation. The remaining balance is due in full at the completion of the installation. Payments can be made online or via postal mail, using check or credit card. Lights are scheduled to be removed after final balance is paid. 

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Pricing: Our lighting designs are custom tailored to suit each home and client. Residential projects range from $500-$10,000. We have a $500 minimum for outdoor installations and a $200 minimum for indoor decorating. Decorations can also be sold as a stand-alone item.

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Installation: We use professional grade materials to give your home that greeting card look you want. Designs are reviewed by a journeyman electrician to calculate consumption and power needs. Pricing does not include any electrical work that may be needed, however we do work with qualified electricians that are available to fix or add power if needed.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: Any issues will be rectified within 48 hours, although most are remedied within 24hrs. Please notify us via email either on this site or at, to set up your repair. Repairs needed as a result of animal damage, vandalism, vehicular or pedestrian disturbance, or acts of God are not included.


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Products: We use a variety of quality commercial products from different sources to bring you the festive look you want both inside and outside. We also add new products as technology changes or becomes more readily available. We can add decorations to greenery or work forms in several different colors or themes. Check seasonally for new products and ideas.  

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Removals: Lights and greenery are removed starting January 2nd unless otherwise requested. If you would like your lights taken down on a different day such as the day after Christmas or after January 6th, please notify your designer at the time of your estimate, contact us at or give us a call at 214-257-8813. Lights will not be removed unless the remaining balance is paid in full. See Pricing section for more information.

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Are Lights Owned or Leased: The key to a having a No Hassle Holiday is by actually taking the Hassle Out Of Your Holiday. Our pricing is for the materials and labor for 1 season of use. Your Christmas light installation will be as simple as just making the call. There’s nothing to store, maintain or replace. 

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Storage: For new customers there’s no need to store lights or to pay storage fees. Existing customers can have their lights stored at our facility or in their home. There will be storage fees for your personal materials.  

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Insurance: Copies of our Certificate of Insurance covering General Liability, Workman’s Compensation and Autos are available by request. Email us at to request a copy.

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Electrical: When your design is created it is reviewed by a journeyman electrician who will calculate the electrical load as well as how and where the design will need to be powered. Your pricing will not include any amendments needed to your electrical system. If you have old Federal Pacific breakers we recommend you have the panel brought up to code as these types of breakers are no longer in use. They do not trip and have cause fires.

  • Power issues: If you do not have enough available power you may be able to use LEDs, which burn 1/5 – 1/8 the energy of its incandescent counterpart. If you do not have any power outlets outside you will have to get a qualified electrician to run a dedicated GFIC circuit from you panel to an outside location. This typically runs about $400-$1000. Ideally you should have 1 outlet at entry door/s and 2 on both the front and back of the home for convenience aside from just the Christmas Lights. We can recommend an electrician if needed.

  • Shared Outlets: Make sure your outdoor outlet is not sharing a circuit with a refrigerator, whether it is in the garage or in the kitchen. In most cases this will not allow enough power to run both the Christmas lights and the Fridge. If you are unsure you can have an electrician look at it.

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Lights By Others: We do not normally install another contractors lights as we cannot guaranty nor warranty their products or workmanship. On occasion we will install lights by another contractor if it is for an existing client that has used our other services in the past. We will not install retail materials, under any circumstances, as they are not adequate for commercial installs. Pricing depends on the type, condition and amount of lights.

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Garlands, Wreaths and Trees: Greenery is a welcomed addition to your holiday display both indoors and outdoors. We can provide you with a variety of wreaths, garlands and trees. Supplies are limited so make your request early. You can have them custom decorated or you can decorate them yourself. If you choose to decorate the greenery yourself you must let us know at the time of your estimate so that we can have your greenery delivered before the installation. Greenery is usually prelit with warm white LED or clear incandescent lights; however you can order wreaths and garlands in many different colors, and color schemes. Send in your orders early.

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Deco Poly Mesh: This material is for both indoor and outdoor use. It is used to decorate Wreaths, Garlands, trees, center pieces, and much more. There will be several ready made products available on this site for purchase, but you can also order a custom wreath, garland, tree form, candy cane, or cross in your choice of colors. Please make your orders early.

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