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Wreath Bows, Garland Bows and Tree Bows Dallas, Plano,

  • October 14, 2012

By Maria Bargellini

An easy way to fancy up your wreath, garland or tree is with a big beautiful bow! For the 2012 season you can now order a custom bow for your existing greenery, new greenery or just the bows themselves. Order before the holiday rush to make sure you have enough bows for all your projects.



 Garland bows: These are the smallest bows we make. We make them in both indoor and outdoor ribbon. Please specify use. These bows can be set in your garland or you can order them separately for placement on gifts and other items. Individually ordered Bows are shipped flat and will have to be fluffed to shape. These small bows can be used to accent wreaths and trees as well.

Wreath bows: These are fairly large bows and vary in size depending on the size of your wreath. As far as materials go we offer both indoor and outdoor materials. Please specify the use when ordering.


Tree Bows: These are the biggest bows we make and can come with any number of tails on them.

For DIY Bows

If you have a crafty heart and lots of time – you can make your own beautiful bows. We use this fabulous tool called the “Pro Bow, the hand”  which makes bow making super fun and easy. I have tried many bow makers in the past and I find that this one is fabulous. And if that isn’t enough the website has a gallery of bows, directions (recipes), and videos – Gosh I love videos. Here’s their Demo video. You can follow them on Facebook  twitter Youtube  Pinterest

DFW Christmas Lights wants you to have the best season possible. Please feel free to call or write in with any questions or concerns you may have and we will do our best to help you out. If you have ideas for posts on this site please let us know as we are always looking for new content.


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