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Ideas For Children’s Christmas Trees

  • November 4, 2016

Most of us have a Christmas tree somewhere by our entry or in our family or living rooms. A grand, glorious, glowing….single tree.

But why stop there? The trend in the past few years has been to add a secondary tree in another room, usually a den and even a kitchen, as it is the most commonly used room. Now, that’s good and all, but what about the kids? You know our little angels that make it hard to sneak gifts under the tree because they want to sleep next to it. Why not give them their own glowing bit of happiness for their rooms. Below are some ideas for Children’s Christmas trees. 

 For Baby

A nursery can have a ton of stuff in it. Please speak with the new parents about the size and location of the tree prior to gifting it. This tree can be any size but keep in mind that if you want to adorn it, the larger it is the more ornaments you will need. 

Ornament ideas: Booties, rattles, bottles, pacifiers, dolls, hats, teething rings, Baby’s first Christmas Ornaments, Tinsel, rolled up wash cloths, baby shampoo, etc. Whatever you would put in a gift basket. 

See Baby’s First Christmas Tree here           See Baby’s first Christmas Wreath here

For Girls

The Obvious choice is to use what she likes. This of course is easy if it’s your own kid, but if it isn’t pump her parents for the info. Then think outside the box. You can pick up small toys that will make great ornaments. Stay with a theme like Ballerinas, sports, dolls, favorite cartoon characters, teddy bears, dinosaurs etc. But don’t end there. You can use jump ropes, hair accessories, bracelets, beads, curling ribbons, tinsel, etc. The tree doesn’t have to be “girly” because it’s for a girl. Don’t be afraid to use non-traditionally girly items for ornaments. 

For Boys

I love a colorful tree filled with toy Dinosaurs, army men, Lego types, favorite characters, sports or teams, treats etc. Keep in mind that licensed ornaments can cost as much as double. Look for toys that come in buckets or bulk. Each kid is different and once you get to wandering the aisles ideas, the ideas will come to you. For instance you might remember that he likes art, so…. you can use pens, markers, paint brushes, clay, playdough, etc. Again you don’t have to go the traditional route. You can always spray paint small inexpensive toys to your child’s favorite colors. 


This group is forever hard to please, so tread lightly here people. Think hair products, gift cards or little notes to tell them how much you love them. I don’t think there’s a way to hide a Pokeman in there but it’s worth a look see.  Sweets almost always work well. Think candy canes, buttermints, dum dums, gumdrops, etc. Make sure they are edible. If you hot glue gumdrops they just might be stupid enough to try and eat them, glue and all. You could also use this tree in place of stocking, so add stuffers, like nail polish, gadgets, personal grooming products etc. 

  Keep in mind the most children LOVE color!! Usually the more color the better. Have fun with it and send it pics of your creations. We’d love to see them. 



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