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Christmas decorating ideas: Stars and Starburst

  • August 22, 2011

By Maria Bargellini, Holiday Designer for DFW Christmas Lights

Want to add something special to your holiday lighting display this year? Take a look at these new items from Holiday Bright Lights. They look great on their own or with greenery. There’s a ton to choose from but this post is dedicated to one of my favorites– stars and star burst. ¬†These stars will make a great addition to your Christmas lights this year. They add sparkle, interest and break up the monotony of the standard C9 clear lights without looking out of place. You can still have an elegant display and be a standout.

This 3D star is looks good from any angle, it adds dimension and can look good all on its own or be added to an existing holiday lighting display. It also looks great on a wreath. Let this star spark your creativity and use it anyway you like. Over a table, or in clusters of varying sizes or even the same size. You can use this 3D star in many ways and I cannot wait for next season to start adding them to my designs. Next up are the star burst. These are also pretty versatile.

Star Burst are great to add around the house. Most holiday lighting designs will have your shrubbery lit but these star look like they are floating along and give your house a great whimsical feel. These are on stakes but don’t let that limit your creativity. You can out them in trees, on top of large shrubs or trees, on wreaths, or over garland in your entryway. They come in a variety of colors. See the full catalog for this and other great decorating ideas or call us at 214-257-8813 more details.

Want to make your star a little more striking or unusual? Try adding a comet or shooting star trail. These are separate items that can be added to stars on wreaths or homes to make your Christmas lights really stand out in the neighborhood. I have done a ton of holiday lighting designs over the years and the typical request is clear lights on the house and everywhere else. Once in a while I have the chance to add color on the shrubs but for the most part our clietns have wanted to “keep” with the rest of the neighborhood. This is a great way to do that and be a stand out at the same time. Whether you want to do a little or do a lot, adding a star, star burst or trails can really step up your holiday lighting. They look great on their own or part of your Christmas display.


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