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Baby’s First Christmas Wreath

  • November 8, 2016

A Baby’s First Christmas Wreath can be used in several different locations.

  • Hospital Door 
  • Nursery Door 
  • Front Entry Door 
  • Over the Crib, or elsewhere in the nursery 

These wreaths are lovely gifts and can be adorned with many useful presents, making it a gift that is both beautiful and practical. Here are a few steps on how to create yours. 


  Make it as easy as possible for new parents.

  • Choose colors that are in keeping with the nursery theme, so that it may be used again. If it’s for an outside door, match the existing decorations. 
  • Add 1 or 2 command hooks for easy installing. New parents may not have them on hand nor time to buy them.
  • Make sure everything is securely fastened and free of debris.
  • If you can, install it yourself


  • Choose things that can be useful and or reused. Items like socks, caps, bibs, pacifiers, rattles, and teething rings.
  • You can also wrap necessities like fever reducers, Saline, Vaseline, Butt Paste, etc. Make them look like presents or put them inside mini stockings. 
  • Add only one Baby’s First Christmas ornament.
  • Glue the caps onto the ornaments and do not use hooks to fasten them. Use floral wire, ribbons or pipe cleaners. 

  Just Born Bundles of Joy (check with hospitals for permission if bringing to the room)

  • Ask new parents in advance if it’s OK to bring it to the hospital, to hang on door. 
  • Ask the hospital for the size of the door. Smaller is usually better. Ideally less than 24″.
  • Chose a method of hanging that won’t cause any damage and can be taken to the home. Command hooks work well. Make sure to include it as part of your gift. 
  • Well wishes. You can add mini stockings for visitors to fill with notes or paper trees to write on. 

  Wreath Mobiles

Think chandelier. I have installed a wreath horizontally over a dining room table with scores of sparkly ornaments for a wow decorative element. You can use this same technique for above a crib. Add an ornament spinner/s for movement. High contrasting colors like red, black and white are best for babies and are more commonly used now.  And so you know who wears red, white and black? Why Santa of course.  

Have fun creating your gifts. Please send pics of your projects.  



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