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Baby’s First Christmas Tree

  • November 7, 2016

Babys First ChristmasThe perfect accent to a nursery is a ‘Baby’s First Christmas Tree. 

The past few years has shown us great tree ideas to celebrate our littlest elves.  Nursery trees are a great way to commemorate their first precious year, whether you are creating it for your very own little one or giving one away as a gift, you’ll see that it’s super simple to create this sweet giftt. Follow the steps below to make a great Baby’s first Christmas tree.

Picking a Tree: Make sure you have seen the nursery prior to picking out a tree or ask the new parents what color would best suit the room. You can choose to be in keeping with the theme or colors or the nursery or make a specimen tree that stands out. Go with an artificial tree as a real one may be too much work for new parents. 

frozen theme treePicking Lights: Most trees come pre-lit but if you have to string the lights on your own be mindful of overloading circuits and make sure you buy lights with a UL listing on the tag. These trees have been tested and passed US safety standards. LED’s are better than incandescent in terms of power usage. If LED, stick to warm white lights as the brighter, more cooler ones may be too strong for newborn eyes. The tree in this picture has clear incandescent lights on it. 

Timer: Don’t forget to add an indoor timer. This will be very helpful and go a long way into making the baby’s room safer. Leaving a tree on round the clock is never a good idea.  

dfw Christmas Lights Choosing Ornaments: A lit tree can be beautiful on it’s own but if you want to step it up, below are some great ornament ideas. Choose the tree accents based on the baby’s age as some will be older than others and will have different needs. 

Teddy bears: Use all different sizes, colors types etc. as these can be given to the baby to play with after the holiday. 

Baby “Stuff”: Rattles, wash cloths, pacifiers, blocks, teethers, bottles, books etc all look more festive when wrapped in a pretty bow and tied to a tree. Think about what you’d put in a baby shower basket for ideas. You could even make a diaper tree skirt for the bottom. 

Toys: Of course toys! These are usually pretty colorful and would look best on a green tree. You can load the tree up, use 12 for the 12 days of Christmas or hide one special gift inside the tree. They can be wrapped or unwrapped but remember that you will need to tie it to the tree. 

Ball or themed Ornaments: BE VERY CAREFUL with this choice. Make sure these are not small mouth sized balls. Don’t think small tree- small ornaments, they should be too big for little mouths.

Safety Notes

  • Use ribbons for hangers; avoid the metal ones or even plastic that could find their way into the baby’s mouth or lost in the carpet. 
  • Don’t let cords dangle
  • If dealing with a baby that’s cruising or walking, make sure the tree will be elevated and out of reach. 
  • Use LED lights
  • Use a timer

 Please send us pics of your ‘Baby’s First Christmas Tree’; we’d love to see them. 





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