Christmas Decorations Dallas

Deco Mesh Wreaths and Garlands are new to DFW Christmas Lights for the 2012 Holiday Season. It adds just the right amount of color and sparkle to both your outdoor and indoor decorations.

Customization: Deco Mesh comes in many colors and sizes. I could literally make hundreds if not thousands of combinations- which makes it so much fun. Most of our Deco Mesh Wreaths and Garlands will be shown as base models with stock Deco mesh, without ornaments or sprays. Many colors will be available just not readily stock. Decorative detail such as the ornaments can be added as requested, please call for pricing.

Lights: We can install LED and incandescent lights in a variety of color. I think Deco mesh looks great on its own but of course at night – not so much. Adding lights can really add a brilliance to the holidays. I prefer LED lights myself as these lights are typically on for longer periods of time, consuming the most amount of energy. It also is cooler to the touch as well all know little hands just love to touch.

Existing and New Artificial Greenery: For customers with existing greenery Deco Mesh can be added very easily and looks great. You can pick colors from our stock or create your own color scheme or theme. Clients will be able to order additional materials for use in indoor decorating.

Outdoor and Indoor use: Deco Mesh is an Outdoor / Indoor product which is why it is soo fabulous. It has wonderful shape memory and does a great job at maintaining it’s shape all season long without any dropping. Please specify whether the Deco mesh Wreath or Garland will be used for indoor or outdoor use as it will determine the type of materials used. Certain lights and wired ribbon are intended for indoor use only.



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