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  • October 14, 2010

The ITree by Music in Motion

By Maria Bargellini of DFW Christmas Lights

Wants something new this holiday season? Love those crazy Holiday videos where someone else’s home is dancing to tunes in a spectacular Holiday Lighting display? Well people–I want to introduce you to a fantastic new product that will give you a similar display without the cost or hassle of a high tech computerized show. It’s called the ITree, by Music in Motion. There’s two products in this family, an indoor tree that looks like your traditional Holiday tree and an outdoor version, which is a cone shaped tree made with lights instead of green material. You can scroll down to view the video for a demonstration of this innovative new product.

Indoor Itree: This tree is not just an attractive artificial tree. It is wired with sets of solid green, white and multi colored mini strands of either incandescent or LED’s that light up to music. The tree comes with 7 songs on a card that plugs into the unit, but you can buy more cards or download your own songs. The ITree comes ready to use, taking minutes to set up. If you use other decorations such as lighted gift boxes you can connect them to the tree to incorporate them into your dancing display.

Outdoor ITree: This tree is simple to set up, usually taking only 15 minutes for the tree itself. But aside from the tree itself synchronizing to music–it allows you to run additional lights off of the tree to incorporate your entire home in the musical lighting display. You can use 3,000 incandescent lights or 30,000 LED lights. The video below shows you a house that did just that.

Those lighting displays you see on Youtube use expensive computerized equipment–not this tree. It’s the most affordable tool on the market today. It gives you the freedom to create your very own display without breaking the bank. If you would like more information on this new product please refer to the comment box below.

DFW Christmas Lights and The Outdoor Lighting Expert are owned and operated by Dallas Curb Appeal.

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