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Christmas Lights Dallas: DIY Lighting–Part II

  • September 16, 2010

By Maria Bargellini or DFW Chritmas

Continuation of another article: Christmas Lights Dallas: DIY Lighting–Part I

4. Should I start with the lights on or off? There’s nothing worst then hitting the switch on the tree just to see that the hardest lights to get to don’t work.

  • Plug in light strings before putting them on the tree. Plugging in lights allows you to find missing or burned out bulbs before you decorate your tree and helps you to evenly distribute the lights throughout the tree.

5. Do I need a Surge protector? Yes, we recommend the use of surge protectors.

  • Plug light strings into a surge protector. As an extra deterrent to overload, and to protect your lights from voltage spikes, plug your lights into a surge protector.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and you can never be “too” protected. Just make sure you read the directions as it will tell you how many amps you can put on it.

6. Can I use any of my old spare bulbs? Replacement bulbs are not all the same. They may vary in voltage and bulb type.

  • Don’t replace a 35 light set bulb with a 50 light set bulb because a 35 light set uses a 3.5 volt bulb while a 50 light set uses a 2.5 volt bulb.
  • Don’t use different base types either. Some pop in while others screw in–do not mix these 2 different types.
  • Use replacement bulbs of the correct voltage and type. Keep your spares packed away with the lights they belong to so that it’s quick and easy.

7. What is  the easiest way to hold the lights? Long trails of lights can be tough to deal with and may be broken by walking over them when circling the tree.

  • Unpack lights and wrap them in a ball
  • If the lights are too long and make for a ball that is too big, roll it in two ball sections. It’s easier to control the lights and keep them untangled.
  • When you remove them, pack them up in balls so they are ready for next year. Pack them in a container exactly how you use them. And whenever possible drop in the (flatten) box they came in so that you have all the information you will need in the future.

DFW Christmas Lights, and The Outdoor Lighting Expert are owned and operated by Dallas Curb Appeal, a full service landscape contractor in Dallas. If you have questions or comments on this post please leave a comment below.

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