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Christmas Lights on a Budget

  • October 20, 2014

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You know the season is here when you start to see Christmas light installations around town, especially at the local shopping centers. Like many of you I love the look of huge trees, lit from their base to the end of their branch tips. This type of Christmas light installation takes a ton of lights and a lot labor. It also often calls for special equipment to be brought in to safely install the lights over the canopy. Unfortunately, it’s not in everyone’s budget to have this done to their trees. That is, until now. Here’s how you can do your Christmas Lights on a Budget

Sparkle Magic 12We are offering a fantastic new product for the 2014 season that will now make it affordable to get a similarly dazzling look for only a tiny fraction of the cost. By using an illuminating laser light you can now add 100’s of light points to your tree. This small laser is just 6.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, weighs only 3 ounces, and is smaller than a standard outdoor lighting fixture. Don’t let its size fool you. This little monster will light an area 25 feet high by 25 feet wide.



  • Cost less than traditional tree lighting, less than $150.
  • Uses even less energy than the most efficient LED Christmas Lights (Less than 5 watts)
  • Small and easy to install
  • Comes in 3 Laser colors; red, blue and green
  • Flexible joint makes it easy to aim
  • Components allow for different types of installations
  • 7000-10,000 hours of continuous use life span
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Operating temp 14F -104F
  • Several lighting patterns to choose from
  • Use it all year long for your outdoor lighting. 

This product is great with very few limitations. If temps drop below 15 degrees Fahrenheit it will have to be brought inside, which should take all of 5 minutes.  You can light an entire Live Oak but you cannot narrow it to light something thin, like a column for instance. The brightness of the laser is not equal to using Christmas lights but it is bright enough to be seen from far away. it’s a classy and dynamic look. You can even bring it inside to light the kids ceilings. 


Call 214-257-8813 today and order your  laser light. You can also email us at Sales@DFWChristmasLights.Com to order your lights anytime. 


















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