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Holiday Lighting maintenance: Bulb Replacement

  • October 17, 2010

Unfortunately Holiday Lighting comes with a bit of maintenance. There’s bulbs, fuses and sometimes even wires to be replaced. If you have light sets from different manufactures it’s important that you keep the extras that come in the packaging labeled so that you don’t mix the bulbs as they do not all burn at the same amperage and are not to be used with other sets. Say you have a set that uses .01amp bulbs and you replace it with a .3 amp bulb. This will cause your set to eventually malfunction.

How to Replacement a Bulb

  1. Hold the plug and remove it from the receptacle or other outlet device. Do not pull on the cord.
  2. Pinch the grooves on the sides of the socket. Gently pull the lamp base upwards. Some can be tight and you may need a tool like a needle nose plier. Don’t squeeze too hard.
  3. Align the grooves in the base of the replacement lamp with the grooves in the socket.
  4. Gently push the lamp into the socket until you hear a snap.
  5. Replace the lamp only with a matching lamp from the set. Try to keep your extras labeled to avoid confusion in later years.
  6. In case the lamp base of new replacement lamp does not fit lamp holder:
    • Remove the lamp from its base by straightening the wires and pulling the lamp out of the base.
    • Insert the new lamp into the base by fitting wires thought the two holes in the bottom of the base and then bending the wires up onto the sides of the base.
    • Insert the completed lamp/base unit into lamp holder.

Fuse Replacement

  1. Hold the plug and remove it from the receptacle or other outlet device. Don’t pull on the cord.
  2. Open the fuse cover. Slide the open panel located on the top of the attachment plug towards the blades to expose the two fuses.
  3. Remove the fuse carefully by turning the attachment plug over.
  4. To avoid the risk of fire, replace the fuse only with the correct amperage replacement fuse (check packaging).
  5. Close the fuse cover by sliding the panel on top of the attachment plug.


Please note: This information is just a general guideline to assist you in your project. With any electrical product or situation there is a risk of electrical shock. DFW Christmas Lights and it’s parent company, Dallas Curb Appeal accepts no liability for the content of this article, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. Any views or opinions presented in this e-mail are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company-Risk of fire. Do not replace attachment plug. Contains a safety device (fuse) that should not be removed. Discard product if the attachment plug is damaged.

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