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Your Christmas lights are off and you have no idea why or what to do. 

This post can help you figure out what’s going on and how to fix  it. Trouble shooting electrical issues with your Christmas lights can be easy at times and it can also make you pull your hair out. If your Christmas lights are under warranty you can call or write in anytime for a repair. If there is an immediate need or it is after hours please indicate that on the subject line of your email and someone will get back to you shortly. If you require assistance with troubleshooting your  Christmas lights and are not a current or past customer you can also email anytime for assistance. Consult an electrician for any emergency situations. 


Issue Equipment Possible problem Solution
Lights won’t turn on Timer

Power outage

Bad Timer

Improperly set

Check for power first. If power is working check and re-set timers. Electrical surges or outages can knock timers off time or damage them. Make sure that the AM and PM are set correctly. Sometimes it can be reversed and will be off at night and on during the day when you are not home.  
  GFCI outlet

Outlet doesn’t have power

Has power but is not functioning correctly.

Improper cover used. You need an “in use” or bubble type cover.

Test for power. If It’S dry outside you can reset the outlet. If the outlet does not appear to be a GFCI search for the closest GFCI as it will most likely be connected to that outlet. In some cases the main or first  GFCI is located in the garage or in the kitchen. Test/ Check any GFCI’s that have tripped. Newer outlets have an trip indicator light. Consult an Electrician if you have issues restoring power.
Individual strands off Strand Squirrel or other animal damage, fuse blew, vandalism, faulty material. Animal damage is easy to see. You will see straight cuts or loose wires. Most set come with additional fuses. Replace the fuse, usually located near the plug. Replace the strand if damage is not repairable. If you have a lot of chewing animals you should keep extra strands on hand. Or have a professional remove their nest. 
GFCI won’t turn on GFCI outlet Outlet not working or tripped If it is still moist or raining out the GFCI may continue to trip. Wait until it is dry before you re-set it. These devices do fail when tripped excessively or well-aged. Replacement may be warranted.
Lights don’t last long Strands Too many strands together or too many different strands together. If using residential strands make sure you do not have more than 3 connected end to end. Only use like strands together.  Most lights are rated to last for 3 years; it may just be time for a change.
Lights not on at the same time Timers Mechanical and digital timer overload Mechanical timers can be as much as 5+ mins off. Because of load constraints your roof may not be connected continuously and can be on 2 timers that are not going on at the same time. Digital timers can get up to 1 minute difference but are more susceptible to power surges and overloads. Heavier loads may also lag in time. A short wait may be unavoidable. Try LED bulbs instead.


Any advice, guidance or other information provided on this or any website that Dallas Curb Appeal Inc. operates cannot completely anticipate your situation or skill level. If you are at all unsure about completing any action as described on any of Dallas Curb Appeal Inc. websites such as but not limited to holiday lighting, outdoor lighting, irrigation, drainage or landscape work, consult a qualified professional in your area to go over your specific needs and to perform any of the service(s) you require.

ALWAYS follow local code requirements before undertaking any home electrical project, especially those taking place outdoors where weather can adversely affect the task. Contact your local electrical authority and or your insurance company to ensure that you comply with all policies, warranties, regulations and authorities concerning this and any other type of work. Additional  Disclaimer here.



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